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Does avoid of freezer of magnetic field of color television avoid tilt how much

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Color television -- most interference of avoid magnetic field. Reach above colour television machine around cannot place magnetic object, the object that should not take etc of radio cassette player, sound box magnetism more is mobile before fluorescent screen, the component of picture tube can be affected because of magnetic field and be magnetized otherwise, cause colour disorder.

Freezer -- most avoid tilts. Freezer compressor electric machinery avoids with 3 shake bedspring is hanged in sealed container, tilt to have the risk of unhook, the lube of compressor interior flows into refrigeration system likely also, affect refrigeration result. Accordingly, in using freezer process or when moving, ten million cannot let the banking angle of freezer be more than 45 degrees, cannot put freezer horizontal stroke more.

Washing machine -- most avoid enters boiled water. Cause body of material or blank bin of washing machine model or plastic package easily to be out of shape into boiled water, also can cause impeller axis sealed and undesirable bring about slack. When using washing machine so, answer to add hot water of cold water rejoin first, and water is warm unfavorable and exorbitant.

Fanner -- most leaf of avoid collision wind. Wind leaf is out of shape can bring about fanner movement is lopsided and wind force is small, oscillatory big, noise is loud, shorten even service life, ten million cannot be used changed the wind leaf of form.

Electric rice cooker -- most the bravery inside avoid collision. Collision can make the bravery inside electric rice cooker bottom be out of shape and cannot with electric heat board is very good be identical. Additional, also the avoid acid that boil, alkaline food and with vinegar, salt, feed alkaline wait for the dressing with caustic belt, otherwise the bravery inside the metal can be corroded, service life shortens.

Electric heat blanket -- most avoid fold. Electric heat blanket if often fold, can bring about resistor silk to break off and short-circuit or open circuit. Light an electric heat blanket is not calorific, reduce insulation property again, cause accident getting an electric shock even.

Electric jug -- most avoid sky is burned. If electric jug is burned for nothing, can make electric heat canal calorific implement temperature rises quickly and burn down, cause an accident even.


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