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Mansion China color television: Responsibility serves the intention in the heart

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Mansion China electron is in " 3 · 15 " during, put forward " responsibility uses a heart in heart, service " concept, begin Olympic Games sale with good product and service.
Environmental protection of thrust of technical start off before the others, energy-saving
Lv Jingsong of president of mansion China electron says: "Green environmental protection, energy-saving, healthy " it is to measure new generation the main index of outstanding flat TV. " as we have learned, mansion China is the colour TV that home takes whole journey of all fronts product the first times to change manufacturing technology to produce without lead, at the same time product of all fronts of mansion China color television includes flat TV, its are overall the second birth utilization rate of component of each raw material exceeds 65 % above, accord with an European Union to reclaim about product of information home appliance the concerned provision that recycle uses, meanwhile, sha Huaxin tastes the flat TV such as HW series and the HU series that roll out already bide one's time power comsumption all is less than 1 W, excel green power source is less than the energy-saving standard of 3 W namely.
Service intention is good character is first-class service
2007 year gains follow " after service of Chinese number TV is outstanding award " , mansion China put forward this year " responsibility uses a heart in heart, service " concept, win approbate extensively.
As we have learned, mansion China electron leads one of color television brands of lowest as repair, network of service of its be on sale pervades 119 nations of world and area, the whole world has site of nearly 10 thousand after service, for global Sha Huacai electric user is offerred high grade and efficient convenient outstanding service. Lv Jingsong tells a reporter, "Compose of mansion China electron built the service system of standardization, internationalization, carry out deal with concrete matters relating to work to change, the service concept of poor dissimilation, for this, company from research and development, design, purchase, the link such as production grabs, execute the fountainhead management with consummate character, ensure thereby good product quality and steady performance. Meanwhile, the service of TV of mansion China flat is affirmatory also prep above occupation standard, from 7 years " 51 " begin, the screen of TV of mansion China flat guarantees period lengthen by a year to 3 years, this reflected the attitude with mansion responsible to consumer China, also reflected the high reliability of mansion China character. Also reflected the high reliability of mansion China character..
It is reported, in recent years, mansion China relies on excellent product technology, character, function and good service, tycoon of color television of international of successional conquer tradition, win the bid successfully U.N. is purchased, American army is purchased and the high-end market such as batch exit Japan.  

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